Grinding machines for material testing

Metallography sectioning machine for cutting carbon samplesCasalin announces a number of innovations in different ranges for EMO Hannover 2017. These include metallography sectioning machines such as the 203HT TC, an automatic tangential sectioning machine for cutting carbon samples, and the 253HT PC, an automatic sectioning machine to prepare impact strengths for charpy tests. This machine operates on three axes (vertical, longitudinal, transversal) and reportedly has the distinguishing feature of high rigidity and precision during the cut. The 253HT TMD is an automatic sectioning machine for carbide cutting to optimize cuttings on the carbide bars and rectangular or square sections. To grind both the linear guides and the shaft fronts to make centesimal junctions, the company has specially designed the GM180 A3 automatic grinding machine. Finally, the fully automatic chamfering machine CM80 for chamfering linear guides and bars will also be highlighted at this year's booth.