Improved universal cylindrical grinder

The Varia universal cylindrical grinding machine from Kellenberger has always featured hydrostatic guideways for optimal shape accuracy in all grinding tasks involving interpolating axes. In addition, the direct drives on the rotary axes ensure high positioning speeds and accuracy. With larger heights of and distances between centers, the new model is said to be faster and more precise, offering consistently better performance. Drives optimized for performance move the longitudinal and cross slides at speeds of up to 20 m/min and at an axis resolution of ten nanometers. The hydrostatic B-axis is also equipped with a direct drive, which allows the revolving wheelhead to pivot roughly three times as fast as without a direct drive and positions with a precision of less than one arc second. As the manufacturers point out, this reduces non-productive times and enhances productivity. The machine is available with distances between centers of either 1,000 or 1,600 mm and with heights of centers of either 200/250 or 300 mm. There are over 30 wheelhead variations with external and internal grinding spindles. The grinder is equipped with the latest Heidenhain Grindplus 640 or with the Fanuc 31i as before. The new remote maintenance concept ensures higher security when connecting to the customer network via VPN tunnel or mobile communication.