XXL grinding machine for workpieces up to 3,200 mm

Haas Grinding is introducing an XXL version of the Multigrind CB for workpieces with more than 3 meters length

Haas will be introducing its first XXL grinding machine, with a version of the Multigrind CB built for workpieces up to a length of 3,200 mm. The worktable of the high-end grinder, which has a stable three-piece base, is over three meters long, which allows workpieces up to a length of 3,200 mm to be precision-machined. To achieve this, the company has quadrupled the previous distance between centers. As the manufacturers further explain its merits, four sliding doors offer easy workpiece loading and unloading. The machine is seen as particularly suitable for producers of long broaches or shafts. The exhibitors also offer a new HSK 80 grinding spindle with double the speed, deemed perfect for their new XXL grinding machine. 90 Nm at a speed of 4,300 rpm and 40 kW are seen as excellent specifications that are second to none. The top speed is given as 12,000 rpm at a torque of 46 Nm and 58 KW. Haas is a leading supplier of machines for implant manufacturers and also provides the Multigrind Horizon software, which is described as an intuitive, geometry-based grinding program with special emphasis on user-friendliness, transparency and performance.